Saturday, June 28, 2008

Critical Mass-holes

There is a bicycle movement that started in San Francisco to spread awareness of bicycles on the road, alternative transportation, the need for more bike lanes, etc.  While I always enjoyed watching the eclectic array of participants in this group pedaling down Castro or Market streets, I never thought they were doing any harm and had a good message.

The Austin Group However, are total fucking ass-holes.

Once again, People have taken a good message and are using it as an excuse to create havoc, violence, and push their own agendas.  Yesterday I was held up at a stoplight by Austin's own Critical Mass ride.  These miscreants beat on peoples cars, scream obscenities at motorists, and almost everyone of them gave us "the finger".  Plus, they sat there in the intersection for three full light changes, at 6 o'clock, in the middle of Austin Friday Traffic.  If that isn't cause for a violent reaction from people trying to get home or to Happy Hour, then I don't know what is.  

I really honestly wanted to run them over.  I'm all for peaceful protest of whatever it is that gets a bee in your bonnet. But these people were provoking and dangerous, never mind that they almost cause THREE accidents when they barreled through against the green light on one of the cities busiest throughfares. I tried to find out more about their organization here in Austin, but I could not find much information.  The "official" Austin site even has a disclaimer for the web-master saying he will have no part of the Austin rides because the Austin group is to subversive.

All I could find was this blurb on a myspace page"

Critical Mass is a mass coincidental bunch of cyclists on the city streets. The point is to show everyone, commuters, pedestrians and residents that there is a better way to get around. We show people how much fun cycling can be, and how much safer and more pleasant it makes our streets.

We ride to show how much quieter, cleaner, and safer the streets of Austin would be without so many cars. We want to show that bicycling is a fun and healthy way to get around the city."
Apparently this member doesn't realize she is keeping people away from their families, people away from their jobs (I was late because of these ass-holes), people away from HAPPY HOUR for Christ's sake.  What if I was a doctor rushing to the hospital for an emergency? Or what if I was a parent rushing home to take care of a sick kid? These idiots on two wheels have no concern but their own "agenda" to disrupt society and cause trouble.  On their Austin website, they even taunt that the police will do nothing to them, and will take care of any motorist that will get in their way.

Well just for the record I hope someone bends all your spokes Ass-holes.


Blogger Unknown said...

ohh that would piss me the hell off... especially when i get off work and have been stressed out... i would have run their asses over and would have been the lead story on the news....ugggghhh...

11:42 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

We had the delightful experience of Critical Mass in Los Angeles riding through our (otherwise) peaceful neighborhood for over two hours on a Friday night from 11 pm to 1 am. Blowing air horns and screaming.

Wow, what a point they made. Riding a bike can be so alternative and peaceful riding on side streets that cross major streets 5 blocks away. Yeah, they really "took back" this off the beaten path pedestrian neighborhood and showed all those cars that weren't seen anywhere near them.

And yes, I was just about to called the cops at 1 am. Assholes are not limited to Austin.

8:42 PM  

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