Wednesday, June 25, 2008

San Francisco vs Austin

SF: 64 degrees F  
Austin: 104 degrees F
SF: Cuisine includes world renown restaurants; best sushi, seafood, and healthy food helping me lost 25lbs      
Austin: Cuisine includes everything fried, queso smothered Mexican food, and b-b-q; causing me to gain 15 lbs
SF: When I'm bored and/or broke can walk to national monuments, internationally known tourist destinations, art museums, etc.  
Austin: To Damn hot to walk anywhere and I'm to broke to afford $4.00 a gallon in gas to go anywhere so i stay inside my airconditioned apt and watch old "king of the hill reruns"
SF: Went on dates with: 2 investment bankers and a college professor
Austin: Went on dates with: 2 guys without a job or car and one who told me he works for the FBI, and the army, and a secret computer corporation and he has a long lost twin brother he mustfind in order to get the bone marrow transplant needed to cure his leukemia that is currently in remission - oh and all this has happened and he's only  25
SF: Spent every day with multiple friends exploring the wonders of Northern California, taking multiple trips to the wine country, weekend jaunts to Monterrey, Carmel, etc., dancing at fun clubs, or just sitting at a bar and watching the world literaly go by.
Austin: Haven't seen my "best friends" in 2 months, except for one who is just as bored as I am  with life in this Hellishly Hot, over hyped, boring ass city with no culture; spending weekends alone in my house or going to the same 2 gay bars over and over again watching fake ass 20 somethings trying to be somebody or fake ass 40 somethings try to act like 20 somethings and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM wearing last season's A&F.

Can you tell what I'm getting at here?


Blogger Richard said...

Sounds like you are having a very hard time adjusting to life outside of Mecca. I've been to Austin recently (and will be coming back in December). We should get together at your "same 2 gay bars" and watch the "fake ass 20 somethings." They're always good for a laugh!

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They always say it's tough to go home. I visited my beloved Austin recently, enjoyed my friend's art show, ate my BBQ, my real Tex-Mex, went to Barton Springs, got back on the plane and realized that my stinking, wonderful, nasty, beautiful city of Los Angeles is now my home.

That being said, grass IS always greener. It will probably take at least a year to fully adjust to life back in the A-TX. Every time I moved back, I had a very different experience.

4:01 PM  

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