Friday, February 03, 2006

I am a total Tard

Here's why:

Ok so last night I'm on the phone with my new buddy Chad Fox aka Chox aka Chadiqua and he's listening to some uber-gay radio show on 92.7FM in San Francisco because he is a big 'Mo like that and I tune in online. I get it in my head that I would be all sweet and charming and call the freakin show and talk to Your Boy Brandon about Chad and request a song for him.

Let me just say in my defense, this was after 2 cosmopolitan and a bottle of wine.

People, please, if you see me drinking, just take my phone away from me. Really, for the LOVE OF GOD please wrestle it out of my big nelly hands before I drunk dial again.

Now, having worked in radio for several years (as a Traffic Director, meaning I scheduled commercials on the air, not flew around in a helicopter) I KNOW that when you talk to ANYONE in a radio station you are being recorded. I don't care if it's the VP of Programming or the receptionist, there is a big chance that your voice is going to be on the air; so watch what you say.

Let me just give you an example.

We had a concert once here with Kool and the Gang as the main event (I know, whatever). Seems that one of our Sales Reps from the station decided to "Celebrate" with Mr. J.T. Taylor and walked in to the station the next day in the SAME clothes she was wearing at the concert.


Well, she stupidly played us the message Mr. Taylor left her on her voicemail explaining in his deep sexy voice how much fun he had and how wild she was in bed.

I had her voicemail code.

And I gave it to the jock on the air.

And he played the message - on-air.

I've never seen a girl run so fast.

So you see, I KNOW better. So, if you are so inclined to hear me at my faggiest please pop over to and click on the phrase "I caught it on tape" right below the big Energy 92.7 logo. I'm sure it will bring you much amusement for the day.

P.S. Chad, God Love Ya for trying to make me seem sweet, but I'll own up to this one.


Blogger Pope-rah said...

Ruthless! Damn, I know better than to share my many indiscretions now!

4:28 PM  
Blogger Chox said...

I love how you said, "I'm a-callin' tew requess-assawng."

So Tay-haas!

You're 'darlin. But definitely not nice.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Hwello Kelly from Texas. How are you? Is till need to play your tag game. I'm sorry. I am really drunk right now and pretty messed up., but it's ok I like that about me. If ever my life gets sorted out...I should really kill myself then. Being drunk and inhalingother medleys makes my life so much more interesting , and other people's lives too!!


2:28 AM  
Blogger Miss Janie said...


You're just too freakin adorable!!!

11:00 PM  

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