Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sifting through the past

It's Satruday, and I'm really trying to be productive, honestly. I'm cleaning out my closet in an effort to get more organized. So far I have thrown out almost my entire wardrobe (nothing fits anymore!), 5000 dry cleaning bags, 2 broken picture frames, 8 broken hangers, and 7 mismatched socks that had formed thier own colony behind my blanket chest.

Viva La Revolution.

And now I have come across my memory box, stuck way back in the back.

I have had this box since my freshman year in college. It's a beautiful cherry wood box from the Bombay Company that a very good friend from High School gave to me. Ironically, I ran into said friend just the other night, and I hadn't seen him in about 2 years. I don't really try to keep up with him, or really anyone from High School save for like 3 people, but this box has me feeling a little sentimental.

So lets look inside.

- a post card of the Hooper Schaefer fine arts center on Baylor Campus from my ex-friend Jami; written on the back "Felicity - 1) Happiens; Bliss, 2) Anything producing Happiness" sent to me my 1st semester of college.

- A picutre of me and my friend Kerri taken at the Apha Phi Omega Fall Installation Sept 1993 (i have really big hair and am wearing a vest!)

- a picture of me and my father taken at the Holiday Inn in Rockport Tx

- HA! A picture of my old college roomate Julie making hamburger helper...sans hamburger (it was REALLY gross)

- a picute of me with Mark Hyde, whom I had a HUUGGEE crush on in College, if anyone knows Mark Hyde, tell him hello, and yes people really do live in those houses out on the highway

- Gwen Stefani's autograph, I had a beer with her at La Zona Rosa before she became a mega star

- My lifelong member Alpha Phi Omega membership card

- my GAP badge (yes I sold khakis and denim shirts to many a sorority girl)

- Antique brass cigerrete holder

- a dubloon from Mardi Gras

- My high school graduation tassell

- the offical Rules to Canasta


a $25 savings bond issued March 8, 1974 - guess I should cash that in huh.

ok, back to the closet...later


Blogger Kevin said...

Yeah, the flashbacks when you look back at some of that stuff. Some are great memories, and others are "why the hell did I keep this?"

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Leeza Rice said...

I was gettin pretty cramped living in my closet, so I cleaned it out the other day and I found me a pickle. I just love eatin' pickles.

2:59 PM  

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