Sunday, July 13, 2008

To those of you who saw me last night..

I realize i was in rare form. If any of you have pictures or video of the wrestling match I got into at the bar last night with the mohawk boy, please send them my way. If you were one of the people that I called "trash, spic, jew-boy, mexican hooker, Pekingese (don't ask me why), fat whore, wuss, loser, bitch, nasty cunt, cum faced cunt, smelly cunt", or any other choice monikers I called out, well if you didn't deserve it I apologize. To the boy whom I poured my drink on, well you DID deserve it, but I'm sorry about that too. To the shot boy, please don't ever serve me those blue ones again, I blame you for all of this and how I feel today.

You know it's bad when you wake up with a vague recollection of BEING ON THE FLOOR OF THE BAR not once, not twice but THREE times and then you decided that it was time to go home. You know it's bad, when you look out side and your car is parked sideways. Oh, to the person who honked at me on my way home I'm sure I deserved it, but honking at drunk people does not make them happy and that it why I rolled down my window and screamed at you. You know it's bad when the boy you like (see previous post) calls you the next day and says "You left me a message at 2 am and you are a DIRTY BOY!" To the woman at Whataburger I called a cunt for not putting pickles on my burger, I'm sorry. If it's any consolation I dumped my entire whatasize coke on my lap in the car and will now have to have it detailed.

I'm going to go eat lots of Mexican food now, drink lots of water, and then I'm going to hide from the paparazzi.



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