Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wrong side of the bed?

I was originally going to write a very complain-ey post today. I mean when you wake up and the 1st thing you do is stick toothpaste in your eye - you know its going to be a bad day.

I had the flight from HELL last night from LAX to Austin. Really, moms & dads, it's called Benadryl - give it to your kids as you get on the plane, the rest of us trying to sleep will love you for it instead of thinking up elaborate curses to bestow upon your screaming todlers and future generations of your family line. Oh, and to the lady in 17A - yeah Hi. Just becuase your seat goes all the way back doesn't mean it's nice to do that to the person behind you, i'm still trying to feel my legs.

Sorry, that just had to be said.

So my morning was a little off, somthing just not right. I missed out on parking spaces, every store was sold out of the item I wanted to give my brother for christmas, my Mom was chatting my ear off, the guy in front of me at the stoplight had a "Marriage is for a Man & a WOman" bumpersticker (well, I did tell y'all I was back in Texas.)

Then, at lunch, I realized what was wrong.

I went to the bathroom and looked down as I was peeing.

Hmm...what's that? That doesn't belong there! Well no wonder I'm having a bad day!!

I saw a tag...a little white floppy tag...and yes,

I had my underwear on backwards.

You know, that can just be the thing that sets everything off from the start.

So I switched it - and the rest of my day has been pretty decent.

So here I am, in Small Town Texas - bored. Really bored. Bored bored bored bored bored. Its 10 pm Texas Time (that's 8 pm San Francisco Time) and my family is all in bed. This town is shut down, the Sonic isn't even open. Thank God & Baby Jesus for the internet.

So on a final note of the day. I got this email. Way back when I was looking for a place to live in San Francisco, I had found the perfect apartment. Single Hot Guy, 3 bed place in North Beach - right where I wanted to live. He didn't pick me, which has worked out fine in the long run, but he sent me this..

"Remember me Kelly? I just wanted to say hello to you.
You were such a nice guy and I told you that we would
be in contact. I want you to know I have not
forgotton about you. Have a wonderful holiday Kelly."

AWWWWW - Now, thats the way to end a day!

Good Night everyone, Happy Holidays.


Anonymous CYN said...


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Blogger the doc said...

You did get a flight home, unlike some of those people depending on the Denver airport, so yours was not that bad of a day after all. Also, take time to enjoy the pace of small town USA. Decompress. Breathe slowly and easily. Enjoy your family who loves you dearly. And, avoid, at all costs, elevators when you have had too much to drink.

Merry Christmas!

Already looking forward to the black-eyed pea casserole on New Years Day.

6:17 AM  

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