Saturday, February 03, 2007

Off to LA LA Land

So Dan and I are taking a road trip to L.A. Today. I'm excited, since I haven't been is New Years Day 2000, when everyone was scared of Y2K so no one flew- I got a round trip 1st class ticket for $95.00 then. Of course, I was so broke that all I saw then was the chinese theater and Rodeo Drive.

This trip however, will be more about relaxation. We are staying somewhere fabulous and fun I understand, and I'll get to see my fav cousin BeBe and meet her new Beau. Basically I just want to have fun..

oh yeah, and stalk McSteamy (Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy)





Blogger Kelly said...

giggle giggle... McSteamy... slurp slurp... have fun... LALALALALALALA

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Derek said...

love me some McSteamy

7:04 PM  

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