Sunday, July 29, 2007

Caught in the Crossfire

If you live in the Bay Area you may have heard about this, but for those of you who don't - this is what went down.

Last Monday the restaurant I work at got hit in a drive by gang shooting. Fortunately, no one except the intended victim was hit, but a few of our customers sustained minor injuries from glass and of course everyone, staff and customers alike, got the piss scared out of them. The man the shooter targeted was a suspected drug dealer and was in a car parked outside of the restaurant, unfortunately he was parked in front of a wall of windows that face into our bar area.

Now, I wasn't there - thank God - but this incident horribly upset me. What upsets me the most isn't the violence itself; i know this was a one time thing, and the restaurant itself wasn't the target, just the "bad guy" outside. What upsets me is that I feel that the Police Department in this city isn't on top of their game. So much happens in this city and nothing is ever done about it. Most notably, the Yale students that were attacked here and received National attention - their attackers were caught but never punished. But the things that don't make the news is what bothers me. Two men stabbed on 19th and Sanchez (in the heart of the Castro) and a string of muggings and robberies around 16th and Castro a few months ago. I personally don't feel like the police in this city have enough presence, or even care about the "minor" crime that goes on around here.

Makes me miss Texas where we all get to carry guns, not just the bad guys.


Blogger Moby said...

Most of them are in the same boat I'm in as a dispatcher; overworked, underpaid and working for a dept that is incredibly understaffed. They stay so busy w/heavy crimes the petty stuff often gets left for hours at a time.

While I agree w/your frustration at such a senseless crime, it does not make me "yearn" for my home of Texas. It was just over six years ago a black man was dragged behind a pickup till his head popped off. Just three years ago a young gay boy was gay bashed in the Montrose and later died. No, given a choice, I'll take my chances w/SF.

A Sargeant from Mission station recently organized a nieghborhood patrol of citizens to help out...If you are interested in volunteering, I could get you in touch w/him.

9:19 PM  
Blogger the doc said...

Sounds more than just a simple "police problem". If the attackers of the Yale students were caught, and then nothing was done to them by the judicial system, then, maybe, just maybe, the police have adopted a "what the hell" attitude. Why bust your butts and risk your own lives in the line of duty if the courts are not going to punish the criminals. The judges in San Fran are not liberal by any chance are they?

7:33 AM  
Blogger Pookie Pie said...

H-o-l-y shit.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Jason_M said...

"Makes me miss Texas where we all get to carry guns, not just the bad guys."

Thanks for coming, Kel. Now go home.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Jimmi said...

I am glad you are ok!

I think the problem goes beyond SF...

11:52 AM  
Blogger Nick Natoma said...

Girl I was with you when you got the call about this. Let me express my disappointment that it put a damper on cocktail hour. Don't let it happen again ;)

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kel,


And don't give out too much personal info (as where you work, walk, etc.) on this page. I worry about you.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

California has the same gun laws as Texas. The 2nd Ammendment is part of the Constitution, covering all the states.

As your friend, it's annoying to see that you have moved somewhere and tried to impose your own slant on things. If you don't like it, move back here. You aren't really making much of your life there.

12:22 AM  

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