Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who Knew Felicity Huffman was Packing?!?

My friend Pookie Pie called me the other day and asked if I had seen any of the Oscar Nominated Movies? I've seen Capote, (which was dull as dishwater though Phillip Seymour Hoffman did portray a good Capote), and I've seen Brokeback of course..which I'm just going to say it..I found slow.

So, get over that shock, yell, scream, call me names, whatever.. now lets move on. (Sticks and Stones Bitches)

Ok, so we went to see TransAmerica starring Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives, etc. I was really looking forward to this movie. So, not to spoil ANY of it, I'll just give you the plot outline from the internet movie database .

A pre-operative male-to-female transsexual takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York

Sounds Kicky!!

So we walked in with our xl popcorn and Cokes (Thank you Regal Cinema for serving Coke and not Pepsi - the spawn of the devil.) and plopped down in the middle. The lights went down, the sound went up and I thought "This is going to be kitchy fun, Felicity Huffman camping it up in high heels, flipping her blond hair all over the place, acting like a mess. Whee".

I was so wrong.

I COMPLETELY underestimated Felicity Huffman. She was phenomenal. Amazing. You have to go see this movie.

First off, she looked like this.

Does that look like crazy, self assured Desperate Housewives Felicity Huffman? No.

She looks like a Tranny!

Her character (ironically named Bree) was great too. Nervous, smart, but reserved. Inward. Once again, phenomenal acting.

Kevin Zegers plays her estranged, drug addicted, prostitute son and is quite stunning in his role as well. However, Fionnula Flanagan (Ya-Ya Sisterhood, The Others)STEALS every scene she is in. I love her.

Now really, I haven't really ever given much though to the Gender Confused in our community. In fact, I have always fought against them being lumped into gay and lesbian groups because I think its a WHOLE other can of worms. I really don't believe that someone with Gender Identity issues has the same issue as gay and lesbian people. In fact, I tend to shy away from them.

If you had to deal with Jennifer Gale running all over your city, you'd probably been done with transsexuals as well.

However, this movie really showed a nice portrayal of a transsexual coming to terms with his/her life, and finding happiness where he/she never thought to look for it.

So really, go see TransAmerica.

Oh, and don't cover your eyes when she pees, you'll get a BIG surprise.

Oh and Felicity, Gurl! You gots my vote for the Oscar!


Blogger Dave said...

Hey, Kel. Cool blog; I found it via Chad Fox.

Yeah, Felicity Huffman is astounding. I've never seen Desperate Housewives (does that make me a bad 'mo?), so I didn't go in with any expectations. Even so, I was blown away by her performance. I hope she wins the Oscar.

I guess I should go rent the first season of D.H. just so I can see what she's like when playing someone born female.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...


I fear our affair must end.

Coke is better then Pepsi?

I stopped going to Regal Cinemas when they switched.

*hangs head and slowly walks out of room*

2:46 PM  
Blogger Pope-rah said...

I wanna watch her fair, spill it, Kel!!!!

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Bryan said...

Eyeque and I saw this movie on Sunday. It freakin' rocks!

2:41 PM  

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