Sunday, February 18, 2007

The N-Judah and Me

So way back when I lived in Texas and I had this crazy idea that I might acutally think about moving to San Francisco, I actually did some research on the subject. Now, the first thing I did was to look up blogs on daily life in San Francisco. Many of you know thats how I actually first found Chox which led me to blogging and moving and meeting a whole lot of other cool people.

But this is a different story.

In my cyberspace travels and readings.. I came across this arcticle about the N-Judah line of the MUNI transportation system. So go read that musing before you go any further in this post..

go ahead, I'll wait.

And we're back..

So yes it made me giggle too.

Now, I live pretty darn close to the N-judah line, close enough for me to take it almost on a daily basis. I also live near Castro, which isn't far from the said tunnel mentioned in said story. Now, the entrance to that tunnel is only about 4 blocks away from me,..but the other side of that tunnel is a whole nuther world! You see, there is this BIG HUGE Hill right outside my door and I don't venture to the other side of that hill. "Over there" is another part of San Francisco that I don't even know about, and while I hear its pretty cool...I'm still getting my bearings on this side of the hill thank you very much.

But..circumstances last week took me to take the N-Judah through the dark scary tunnel under the BIG HILL to "over there" and it is a pretty cool part of town.

But the best part.. I was standing right at that curve, right in the red zone where the cars park and I remembered that story and how funny I thought it was...and here I am over a year after reading it and 1700 miles later...stading in that red zone.

Just made me smile.




Blogger Topher said...

Hah. Who would have known you'd be standing in that spot a year later. That's awesome! Enjoy SF as always.

10:08 PM  
Blogger The Persian said...

The lasagne sounds amazing. :)

I am glad to read you and your new man are working out so well!

*persian hugs*

9:27 AM  

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