Friday, May 05, 2006

So i'm not the only gay in the village...

So I was interviewed today for Queer Channel Radio , which is part of 960 KQKE-AM . It will air as a part of the series for Pride, which is coming up in June. I was little nervous, but gayed it up at the end.

Speaking of uber gay - How many of you have read about
Dame Edna slappin the paprazzi ?

A friend of mine wrote "Kel, you know this is going to be you at 75..."

Whatevah...that's me already. Now hand me by big girl glasses and a martini.


Anonymous know me as Anthony said...

I got to meet Dame Edna at a party the other night in Melbourne. She told me to tell you this Kelly Kelly. When other cities are getting shitty, San Francisco still looks pretty. I miss you heaps babe. MUAH!
-PS write me bitch.....

11:51 PM  
Blogger the doc said...

That "Q" word. Offensive when used by some, acceptable when used by others. Strange. Analogous to the "N" word. If one wishes to have the use these words eliminated by our society, then they should be deemed offensive by all. Children who see or hear these words do not necessarily have the ability to determine the context of their use nor the background of the user. If big people use these words then it must be OK. Wrong.

7:24 AM  
Blogger StratoCade said...

You know half of Chinquapin Parish would give their eye teeth to take a whack at Edna!

1:10 PM  

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