Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Ham has Turned

Not that you ever read this blog anymore, nor should you since I hardly ever post, but you all should pay close attention to this post.

So if you haven't heard by now, I AM leaving San Francisco. I miss my Blue Bell, my enchilades, my Whataburger. I miss my tan, my lake, and drinking beer in an inner tube floating down the river. I miss my 2 cases of champagne brunches, my bar-b-que ribs, and deer chili frito pie. So i'm embracing the 10,000 misquitoes, the 115 degree summers, and the evil god fearing baptists that will be there to greet me. I will love it when the seat belt gets so hot it turns into a branding iron. I will love sweat.

So, you should have figured out I'm moving back to Texas.

I have alwasy had a love/hate relationship with San Francisco. I do love it here, and I think within the next year I could have made a pretty good life here. But I'm needed at home, so I'm going.

Good bye MUNI, good bye quick jaunts to Sonoma, good bye Cav, and Hotel Biron. Good bye 500 club, good bye H&M, good bye Victoria Bakery.

I've learned a lot about myself here, and I'm taking that with me. So look out Texas, I'm on my way home.



ps. I feel that with this change in my life, it's also time to end this blog. It's been a fun ride. Thanks for reading.