Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kel. E. Licious... Super Genius

You know what happens when you mix Palapa Mexican Chocolate ice cream with Palapa Carmel ice cream?

You get orgasms of Cinnamon-choclately-carmely decadence.

Yes, I am a genius.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Curve Ball

So I've had a pretty happy few weeks. Saw Avenue Q. Hung out with two members of the Scissor Sisters (HB AM). Went on a FABULOUS wine tour. Ended up dancing all night with three kick ass drag queens and the hottest go-go bo in The Castro. etc. etc...

And then, my ex popped into my head. And then I had a moment - (follow me here.) I realized that I view my life as a Hollywood film - a blockbuster romantic comedy if you will; and this is the part where I (the lead) has cried, and moved away for a break and a new discovery of myself and has finally realized that I was a fool before and am now ready for love and am looking thoughtfully into the sunset with fond rememberences of my hero.... This folks.....


(how's that for being subtle.)

come on already.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Laundry Wars

So i'm lucky enough that my building has on-site laundry - which is kind of a big deal in the castro. We also have new fangled front loading washer that are energy effecient -8 of them in fact.

Unfortunetly we only have 6 dryers.

What this means is if all 8 washers are going at the same time for their 35 min cycle, 2 people are going to miss out on a dryer - which has a 60 min cycle.

It can just throw off one's entire afternoon! I actually missed a movie one night becuase I had to wait an extra hour just to dry my clothes. And, we all know that I am not a patient person when it comes to stuff like this.

Now, front loading energy efficent washers have a locking mechanism on the door, so once the cycle is about 3 min in, you can't open the washer. So, I have discovered a trick, that only works if you and one of your neighbors (competitors) start your laudnry at the same time. If one were to be evil enough to wait about 2 min and 45 sec then OPEN the neighbor's (competition's) washer for say...about 5 min and then restart it, that would give one enough of an edge to insure dryer space and not screw up ones evening plans.

See what living in the city has taught me. Now, I have to run, I have clothes to put in the dryer.

xo and downey fresh.