Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I need MAC Help

I have a Mac Powerbook Pismo Laptop (g3?) Anyway, everytime I do a security update it gets screwy.

This latest glitch is driving me crazy though.

Everytime my laptop goes to sleep, when I bring it back up my Airport card refuses to come back online. I have to restart the whole damn computer to get it back up. Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller?

Quotes from the past week (in bed) ...

"Wow, you're a much better kisser than my boyfriend."

"Cool, you're from Texas, my Dad is in prison there."

"Wow. I've never felt such a connection with a guy, you're so real. (2 min later) What's your name again?"

"Can I borrow $20 for the cab ride home?" (me) "But, you drove over here." (him, grinning?) "Oh yeah. Can I still have the $20?"

and my favorite...

"Do you mind if my dealer stops by? He lives near by and I need to connect with him."

and you wonder why I just smile when anyone asks why I'm still single.