Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Idea #4376

Late Night Munchies: Never eat new Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos and then take your contacts out....

(it burns Gabriel, it burns!)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What the hell has been going on..

Well 1st i'm in my new digs. I moved in a week ago, and many many many thanks my friends who showed up to help me move. We manged to knock it out in less that two hours and it was probably the easiest move I've ever made.

Ah..and those friends who bailed on me for COCKtails and other reasons... the San Francisco Chapter of the Southern Bells Junior League membership committee will just keep that in mind.

I love my new place. It's QUIET. Seriously, I can just lay here and listen to silence -which I honestly haven't heard in over a year. San Francisco is a noisy city, what with the firetrucks/buses/garbage trucks/streetcars/hornhonkers/ghetto rides/drunk ass lesbians going by every minute of the day. My bedroom faces an interior courtyard and the only thing i've head so far is the very LOUD asian boy who walks his ugly ugly dog and inists on making as much noise as possible as he walks through the courtyard.

Trust - that dog's days are numbered.

So i'm getting settled, i'm getting unpacked, and i'm realizing that I really don't own a lot of things that i've become accustomed to having around. Microwaves are basically essientials now, and I had to remember how to re-heat food on the stove! Iron, Irons are good for looking cute and not like you just spent the last 6 months wadded up at the bottom of the closet. Oh yeah, and brooms, brooms are good when you spill the very smallest amount of sugar in your kitchen and BOOM it multiplies at the speed of a virus and all of a sudden your whole floor is gritty.

Oh, and Jimmi - I don't own a digital camera otherwise i'd send you pictures.

So all in all, moving was great, i like it here, my new roommate is ...quiet if not a little insular - which is ok as our schedules are totally opposite.

Speaking of, I got a promotion of sorts at my job. A few more hours, a little more money and a lot more fun. I am working at a resturaunt right now, and have been really really putting off finding a full time office job becauses well..they suck. As of Monday though, I will be in charge of our concierge program, which basically entails me running around the city to all the concierges in town and promoting our resturaunt to them. I also get to come up with contests, prizes, promotions etc...bascially a PR postition and I have total control over it.

I can't wait!

So before you even ask, no love life still. No one on the horizon and i'm ok with that. I did just get my hair cut into a feaux-hawk and it's pretty punk rock but cute so maybe i'll attract the attention of some hot emo tatoo punk rock boy with a heart of gold and trust fund now.

Who can say?

The last bit of news that I have is that I have a new FAVORITE BLOG! Everyone check out I live with Morons . This is the most brilliant blog I have seen in a long time. Hint, start at the very beginning and work your way forward. It brightens my day every day.



Friday, April 13, 2007

Moving Day

Moving Day is Almost Here...

So Many of you are curious as to why I am moving... well it's easy.

My roommates asked me to leave.

Now, it's acutally not all that dramatic and harsh. There are 4 of us that share a victorian here in The City. It's drafty, cold, crowded and has one bathroom. Oh, and the landlord is a prissy dickhead. I've never really felt "at home" here, but wanted the San Francisco experience of moving to the heart of the The City and living in a crowded, old, cold, victorian with a bunch of people that I don't know.

ok, CHECK. Done it, time to move on.

So about 2 weeks ago my roommates that are the primary leaseholders asked me if I would move out by the end of may. Seems some other friends of theirs are moving to San Francisco and they all want to live together. Of course I freaked out, finding an affordable place to live in my neighborhood is damn near impossible and very stressful. But I got lucky. The 1st place I found was a 2 bedroom/2 BATHROOMS modern apt just a few blocks away. The guy that has it is very cool, from Texas as well, and we hit it off right away. Did you catch that I get my own bathroom? (happy dance). Oh, and it's WARM. No more feeling the wind blow through the walls.

So it's all working out, I'm going to try to move on Sunday - if UHAUL comes through and I can con some friends into helping me carry a few boxes. I'm excited, my new roommates is excited and I think I'll finally feel like I really live here instead of just on an extended vacation.

OK kids, I have to go secure some boxes, and if you are free on Sunday, let me know..I'll put you to work and order a pizza.



Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Heartwarming tale of the City

Me (glowingly): "Good Morning Sunshine."
Him (with look of confusion): "Who the Fuck are you???"

From the TL to Pac Heights, men are all the same.