Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bloggers Block

A: As much as a lot of things have happend in the past week, nothing seems like it is interesting enough to blog about... so here are a few tidbits.

1. ASIASF isn't worth the money.
2. Light Before Day by Christopher Rice is a fun read, its a gay/gumshoe novel very fun to read if you live in california.
3. I want to see Notes on a Scandel but I'm afraid I won't like Judy Dench as much after I see it becuase her character is so evil.
4. I'm really mad at a few friends of mine, but it's over something sooo petty I feel like I'm back in Jr. High- except I wasn't even this petty in Jr. High. I'm being Pretty Petty Pets-a-lot right now AND I'm having a pity party, and I like it so there.
5. All the boys that were around last week have suddenly dissappeard, it's amazing how fast that well can run dry. But, then again, I'm from Texas, and we know that when one well runs dry, just dig another.
6. Speaking of Texas, I'll be there next week. Dear God, I'm putting in an order for sunshine and weather warm enough to wear shorts, thanks.
and finally..
#7. My Birthday is March 8th, everyone, you have now been notified.



Sunday, February 18, 2007

The N-Judah and Me

So way back when I lived in Texas and I had this crazy idea that I might acutally think about moving to San Francisco, I actually did some research on the subject. Now, the first thing I did was to look up blogs on daily life in San Francisco. Many of you know thats how I actually first found Chox which led me to blogging and moving and meeting a whole lot of other cool people.

But this is a different story.

In my cyberspace travels and readings.. I came across this arcticle about the N-Judah line of the MUNI transportation system. So go read that musing before you go any further in this post..

go ahead, I'll wait.

And we're back..

So yes it made me giggle too.

Now, I live pretty darn close to the N-judah line, close enough for me to take it almost on a daily basis. I also live near Castro, which isn't far from the said tunnel mentioned in said story. Now, the entrance to that tunnel is only about 4 blocks away from me,..but the other side of that tunnel is a whole nuther world! You see, there is this BIG HUGE Hill right outside my door and I don't venture to the other side of that hill. "Over there" is another part of San Francisco that I don't even know about, and while I hear its pretty cool...I'm still getting my bearings on this side of the hill thank you very much.

But..circumstances last week took me to take the N-Judah through the dark scary tunnel under the BIG HILL to "over there" and it is a pretty cool part of town.

But the best part.. I was standing right at that curve, right in the red zone where the cars park and I remembered that story and how funny I thought it was...and here I am over a year after reading it and 1700 miles later...stading in that red zone.

Just made me smile.



Thursday, February 15, 2007

An up date on Valentine's Day

You know, all these years I've been a little jealous of guys and gals who get presents on Valentines's Day. I've alwasy been a little envious of those who get their bears/balloons/chocolates/mix tapes/light up flowers etc..

You can all keep them.

The best gift of all is for someone to show up unexpectedly and say "Hey. I was having a rotten day, but then I thought of you; and, I figured if I could just be with you right now, everything would be ok...and it is."

You have to love a guy who can be that honest.


yeah, it's like that...I hope it stays that way.

xo (and warm fuzzies)


ps.. t-shirt image take from http://www.spreadshirt.com/

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The #24 or the bus of shame

How many of you know what "the walk of shame" is? That's where you show up at your house/apartment/condo project at some early hour of the morning after the sun has come up looking like something the cat drug in - hair a mess, still wearing last night's clothes, all wrinkeld and let's not even start on your morning breath.

The only thing worse than the walk of shame? The waiting at the bus stop of shame, then the bus ride of shame (with all those morning commuters) AND THEN the walk of shame into your house where all your roommates are up bright and early wondering why you are just NOW getting home from the bar.

Happy Valentine's Day all. Mine is off to a randy start.

Monday, February 12, 2007

So does it count as a date...

if pornstars attend dinner with you?

So Mr. Man calls me today in a tizzy. Seems that he double booked this evening - promising a dinner date with me AND a dinner party with 4 of his friends. Now, if you know me well, and those you of that do can attest to this, I am not usually akin to taking news at this "lightly". I may have a history of being a tad bit "high maintenance" when it comes to canceling dates and changing dinner plans and such. However, he caught me at a good time (aka just up from a nap) and he skillfully and quickly invited me to the dinner party so I refrained from throwing a big ol hissy fit and burning down his condo.

Actually, what happened is he explained to me that he had promised 4 of his friends an amazing lasagne dinner set for this evening - except that, he has never made lasagne before and didn't have the 1st idea of what went into one. What was he gonna do?!

Now, dear readers, conventional wisdom says that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ("with a field knife" - peanut gallery) and I just happen to posses a fabulous lasagne recipe which is not only QUICK but also EASY and very very very TASTY (thank you Alyssa K-M; this recipe has come in handy more than once!) So I of course immediately volunteered to make this said lasagne thus presenting the opportunity to: A - come to his rescue, B - show off my culinary and entertaining skills, and C: Meet his friends and wow them with said skills as well.

And all this intrigue whipped up within seconds of being roused from a very deep slumber- you should all be impressed because I am!

So I "wonder womaned" myself ready and headed over to his casa.

The evening went great. Everyone loved my food. His friends were very nice. There was only one damper to the evening -

it is very hard to try to get a gay man's attention when there are two, hot, sexy male pornstars in the same room as you.

I mean come on! Really? Is that even fair?

So I did what any good southern bell would do - I ignored him completely and flirted with both of them all night long.


and you know what...it may have just worked.

I'll update you all on that later.

Until then, if you are single, remember to keep a few handy recipes up your sleeve because you never know when you may need a few tricks to catch your man.

And if you are married? You best be keeping your man all kinds of satisfied because some of are not only tigers in the bedroom, but in the kitchen as well!




Saturday, February 10, 2007

Silly Boys

What is the point of driving up to the top of Twin Peaks to look at the view and sit in the car for an hour and not even make out!!!????

I swear...some boys just don't know the rules.

We have another date on Sunday.



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hollywood Swingers

So LA was a blast. Thanks in part to fabulous people like Gordon who is my new favorite superstar.

Gordon, you rock.

Oh, the shopping at Kitson, star-watching at the Ivy, Star fucking on Santa Monica (what!?) the Abbey, Mickey's, those deadly Pear vodka cosomos - and my new kicky Hat..which you will see all over San Francisco now, and the stippers..making out with hot muscley west hollywood strippers.

Tee-hee...should've been there.

So all in all a good trip; though the drive back through California's Central Valley was akin to a scene from The Grapes of Wrath. Yuck.

So now I'm back in beatiful, cold, rainy, foggy San Francisco and I couldn't have a care in the world.

Ok boyz and girls, I'm off to get ready for my DATE. Yes, a DATE. A real bonafied, we have reservations, he is picking me up like a gentleman going out to dinner - date.


Just to leave you with a tickle, I told the elderly gay man that comes to dinner every night in our resturaunt. "I have a date tonight!", I said, "Really?", he replied, "I had a raisin at breakfast."

Ta dam dum.



Saturday, February 03, 2007

Off to LA LA Land

So Dan and I are taking a road trip to L.A. Today. I'm excited, since I haven't been is New Years Day 2000, when everyone was scared of Y2K so no one flew- I got a round trip 1st class ticket for $95.00 then. Of course, I was so broke that all I saw then was the chinese theater and Rodeo Drive.

This trip however, will be more about relaxation. We are staying somewhere fabulous and fun I understand, and I'll get to see my fav cousin BeBe and meet her new Beau. Basically I just want to have fun..

oh yeah, and stalk McSteamy (Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy)