Monday, July 31, 2006

Vegas Teaser - Updated

Ok, I - am - Exhausted! Las Vegas was so much fun. Totally worth the Hell I had to go through to get there and back ( I am NEVER flying America West/US Air Airlines ever again - EVER!)

Hopefully my friends will send me all the pictures tonight and I can post about our weekend tomorrow.

Atari - I hope you have as much fun as I did - the 6 course meals, the limos, the helicopters, roulette with sammy hagar, the bodybuilding competion in town, the hot brits running amuck, "O", and hot boy Ricky at 8.5 Lounge...I will miss you all.



Jaimie from somewhere wrote me this note:

"Hi there

Just to say I caught your blog via Lubin's and thought it was great.

You crack me up and are extremely funny and dry!

Anyway, look forward to reading more of your exploits and seeing those Vegas pics!!"

I LOVE You whoever you are. Thanks for making my day!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday A


Today is my ex-roommate's Birthday. Acutally, he's living Sydney now, so I guess it's already been his birthday for a while...or is Sydney behind..whatever.

Happy Birthday A aka Fallon.

I miss you being crazy.
I miss staying up all night and playing PS2.
I miss laying on the couch with you and watching anything that our TiVo recorded.
I miss your Mac and MAC expertise.
I miss your crazy boyfriends.
I miss your clothes, my wardrobe has shrunk considerably since you have left.
I miss you driving like Ms. Ross
I miss your crazy drag numbers
I miss laughing at you when you were scared by silly things like "Supernatural"
I miss laughing with you when you called someone out.
I miss hissing at people with you.
I loved that you ate anything I cooked.
I loved that you were always up for wine and cigs
I loved that you always had my back.
I loved (and still love) my presents that you alwasy suprised me with.

I hope the boyz in OZ realize how wonderful and special you are. If not, hightail it back to the States!

I miss you cutie patootie.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's Money Baby

Ok these are the kinds of friends I'm lucky/blessed enough to have.

Jason M is in Vegas for a conference and Stratocade and Smoker's Cough (who incidentaly don't belive in updating their blogs often enough) are all going to join him this weekend for fun, gambling and of course..boys. I, however, am still reeling from the costs of moving to San Francisco and cannot afford to go.

Well, that just wasn't acceptable to this group.

My friends... my beautiful, wonderful, close enough to scratch my ass friends..have bought me a plane ticket to Las Vegas!

I'm going to Vegas Baby.

I love you guys.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just a thought

So we all know how much fun all us bloggers had at Pride...Skybar and I were brainstorming...what about a Blogger New Years Eve?

Any thoughts?

Much Ado about Nothing

Thanks everyone for your posts and emails...I'm over my melancholey mood.

This weekend StratoCade came into town with his new Beau - a quite handsome Okie (who knew they grew them smart AND cute up there.) Saturday we did Napa. When I say we did Napa, I mean we visited about 7 or 8 wineries and started off with a magnum of champagne..I don't remember much of the last three.

Sunday was spent on the couch.

About the only exciting thing to happen other than that is that the toilet seat in my house broke and I had to install a new one - as my roommate Mateo exclaimed "OH yay! We get to break out the tools!"

The rest of this week will be pretty routine - I'm hoping Friday some friends will host a game night (hint hint) as we had talked about last week.

Oh, and my co-workers turtle died this weekend - as she came in yesterday and exclaimed in her heavy american-chinese accent "The Raccoon! It killed my Turdy!"

Yes, the poor turtle's name was Turdy.

Friday, July 21, 2006

On Songs and Playlists

Everyone once in a while - well really wayyyy to often - here at the radio station we are "requested" (read that forced) to meet with a "new & upcoming artist" in the conferece room for a private performance and listen to him/her try to belt out a few tunes without the help of their music mixers, bands, synthesiezers, and whatever else record companies use to make their voices passible (think, Paris Hilton has an album- come on!).

Usually I feel sorry for these guys/girls who are trying to make it in the brutal music business. Record companies pick these kids up out of the corn patch in middle America, promise them fame and record deals and then drag them across the country promoting their one soon to be hit and try to get they as much exposure as possible. 9 times out of 10 these "artists" can't carry a tune even with a paper bag. The decent ones end up with a WB Series theme song, or even a guest spot. The other poor slobs we never hear from again.

Yesterday, though, we met Landon Pigg . This guy has it. His vocal range is amazing, he can play the guitar, he has the look AND he can write some good songs. I hope he makes it, mainly just becuase I have his autograph - seriously though, the kid has some talent.

I added his single "Can't let Go" to my iPod. It's a mournful melody about old's a little repitious but good. The sytle reminds me of Blue October. Anyway, I listened to it this morning and it imediatley brought to mind my last love...we'll just call him Sam.

I really loved Sam, but I was afraid of that love. I think he was too. We had some things go wrong and both of us used it as an excuse to drift away. We both moved away from Austin - I to San Francisco, and Sam to basically Nowhere Texas - and haven't really kept up with each other. The few times we've talked though, almost kills me. Of course, I'm the one calling or emailing him, and I can never really get out what I want to say; which is "I love you and I want us to be together". However, I get so angry that he let us go that I want to scream.

I guess I have no closure - but I don't really want closure - ie... I "Can't Let Go".

Those of you that know me in person know that I don't pine away for people. I don't belive in letting yourself get wrapped up in one person, and I really refuse to cry over a guy.

I will admit now though, that sometimes I let that stone wall down and let the ache come through, today is one of those days.

So here is my melancholey playlist for my "Sam" days.


Heart Ache Playlist
Tori Amos - Tear in your hand
Anna Nalick - Breathe
Shawn Mullins - Rockabye
Gary Allen - Songs about Rain
Monte Montgomery - I know you by heart
George Strait - Run
Keith Urban - You'll think of me
Sheryl Crow - Leaving Las Vegas
Jars of Clay - flood
Heart - What about Love
Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic
Five for fighting - superman
Heart - Alone
Ryan Cabrerra - On my way down
Primitve Radio Gods - Standing in a Broken phone booth...
U2 - All I want is you
Roxette - Waterclours in the Rain
Melissa Ethride - Bring me some water

Ps..JR it was good to see you on the train this morning, I needed that.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Iran Sucks

Andy at Towleroad posted this story about gay men being hanged in Iran.

I admire these men. I would die for who I am as well. Hear that George W? I would die for who I am rather than adhere to your sick religous fevered policies. I know you want to bring about the apocolypse, I know you want the USA to be a religious state. It a'int going to happen. Bring it Bubba.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tourista pt 1

Ok, i'm exhausted. I can hardly move. In 2 days, I've spent 28 hours with my Mom, Sister-in-law and 12 year old nephew. That's alot. I've seen Alcatraz, Pier 39, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park, Ghiradelli Square (3x), The Presidio, Fort Mason, The Exploratorium at The Palace of Fine Arts and Twin Peaks. I've explored North Beach, Chinatown, Napa and eaten at every high dollar tourist trap in The Bay Area. I've been drug through 75 Gift shops, seen 18 "make a penny souveniour" machines, dolled out $9.18 for said machines, gave away $35 to street performers, and spent about $78 in cabs when my sister-in-law's feet were to tired to walk another step. I've also had the "San Francisco is so expensive, how do you afford to live here" conversation about 185 times.

I love them, they have left town. I'm glad :)

I'll tell you all the stories with pictures later.


ps. To all my friends/SF family that I'm used to running around with on a Daily Basis - I MISSED YOU!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Atari does talk with his eyes closed..

when he's drunk. If you'd like to witness it, go over to .All Prep and no H and watch him on video. I'm so glad you go that Darin.

Last night I found a taste of home..Cajun food! It's not Texan, but it's close enough. I had amazing Gumbo, Jumbalaya, and red beans and rice. Yummy. Atari and I hung out with Chox, Cemenet Brunette, Dan 40, and my friends Nick and Jake. We ended up at my fav wine bar in North Beach, Blanca. Should definitly check it out if you are ever in the neighborhood.

My crazy canadian Jeff had this on his blog, and he stole it from Ray, and I'm stealing it from him. I love things like this. Jeff, I wish I was at your party. xo


My ex was ...
An artist, intense, loving and crazy all at the same time. We would make out for hours and just "be" together. I know you read this Cam and I miss you all the time.

My Family is ...
big, fun, crazy and loud. Think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", but louder and with more food. My Grandmother is a card shark and we all get into some pretty competitive games of Canasta. My family also loves and accepts anyone who walks in the door. I love them and miss them all terribly.

Maybe I should ...
Get a 2nd job. San Francisco is so damn expensive to live in.

I love ...
Good food. Last night was the 1st really good meal I've had in months. I'm going to get out and explore the restuaunts more here.

I don't understand ...
The Policts of my office. It's so damn hard to get anything done around here. I wanted to move a plant around in my office, and I had to ASK someone, and then was told No. So I live with a ficus that is always in my way.

My favorite color is ...
What a silly questions, I like them all depending on my mood.

I lost my...
compassion for the less fortunate. I used to really beileve one could help and encourage the downtrodden and homeless; Now I think they are just in the way. And before anyone gets all uppity, I don't make ANY money either.

Walking on ....
soft grass barefoot is one of the best things in the world. To bad you can't do it here in the city, don't know what you'll step on.

I want to ...
get married and have a big party; invite everyone I know and get lots of presents. Then jet off to somewhere relaxing and hang out with my new husband for a week or two and not thing of a damn thing in the world.

People would say that I'm ...
hotheaded, aggressive and a loud mouth. I call it opinionated.

Love is ...
nice work if you can get it.

Somewhere, someone is ...
reading my blog...oh it's you!

I will always ...
drink, smoke, play cards and flirt.

Forever is ...
holding hands with someone you care about and not even talking

I never want to ...
go to jail

I think the current President is ...
a mistake, a liar, a scoundrel.

When I wake up in the morning I ...
hit the snooze, roll over, cover my head and grumble

Life is full of ...
suprises around every corner

My past is incredibly . . .
full of lessons and good stories. I'm going to be sofia patrillo when I grow up.

I get annoyed when ...
people won't do what I ask.

Parties are for...
celebrating friends and life and should be held on a daily basis

I wish ...
That I could afford to fly back to Austin more.

My dog is ...
somewhere on a farm, so My parents told me when I was 12

Kisses are the worst when ...
when someone just stick his tounge in your mouth and just sets it there. I'm an active kisser

Tomorrow I'm going to...
work late like I do every &*&@# Thursday

I really want ...
That guy I met last night to ask me out.

I have low tolerance for people who ...
Backstab you

If I had a million dollars ...
Go to culinary school and open a resturaunt

Guys are ...
snips and snails and puppy dog tails

Girls are ...
stinky and can't hold their liquior ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

My weekend summed up.

Bitter Point: San Francisco boys are total whores with the attention spans of retarted goldfish.

Happy Point: Atari will be here tomorrow!! YAY! I need Atari Hugs.

Lack of Motivation Point: I spent 9 hours drinking yesterday. I'm not hung over, but I'm worn out and totally don't feel like all...

Happy Point 2: Drunk dials from Drunken Canadians are funny, and make you feel loved.

Ok, back to work


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Post just to Post

So my weekend was uneventful. Acutally, I was sick most of the weekend. Fever, Chills, cramps, etc. Gross.

I did watch a few movies on Pay Per View. I saw "Last Holiday" With Queen Latifa - very cute. "Date Movie" kinda sucked, but was mindless enough for my fever. "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart was really fun, (I love everything he does). I was finally in the mood for "Mrs. Henderson Presents" and found it excellent! I love Dame Judy Dench, I'd love to have lunch with her and Maggie Smith.

Probably the worst thing that happend this weekend, was while I was wathcing the horro/supsence flick "Saw" and THE LIGHTS FRIGGEN WENT OUT! Somehow the ciruct blew and I was in total darnkess. Scared the crap out of me until I could find the circut breaker and turn them back on. Oh, and did I have a flash light or a Had to use the cell phone so what little I could see was bathed in eerie green light.

On a good note. I was feeling better yesterday, so I trecked up to North Beach to hang out with Chox, Jr, Kalvin, Nick & Jake and Dan. We had wine and Tea and watched the fireworks from Chox's roof. I did get to meet the fabulous Michael from
Try Not to Panic; who is absolutly SEXY and rippling with muscles. Almost as hot as Ryan Reynolds.

Speaking of are some gratuitous shirtless shots for your enjoyment..