Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back to the basics...

Dan Renzi had this up on his blog.. I though it would be nice to get away from all the heated discussion and just do a MEME.

Ps...I'm still apt hunting and not happy about it.

I AM: frustrated with trying to find an apartment in San Francisco.

I WANT: to be at the beach.

I WISH: that I could meet the amazing guy everyone tells me I deserve.

I HATE: people who litter


I HEAR: rumors all the time. People at my office LOVE to tell me what's going on.

I WONDER: whats' really out there.

I REGRET: every time I yell at my mom, but damn the woman can irriate me faster than anyone on the planet.

I AM NOT: a patient person.

I DANCE: whenever the urge hits me, no matter where it is.

I SING: poorly, but still sing.

I CRY: at the wierdest things. I cried at the end of the South Park Movie.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: tackful in the way I handle things.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: great kolaches

I WRITE: notes to myself on sticky notes all the time, then forget what they are for.

I CONFUSE: people all the time when I tell them things, assuming that they know I've already had half a conversation with them in my head.

I NEED: to go back to Austin for a visit..soon.

I SHOULD: really get to work earlier each day

I START: projects all the time..and never get through them

I FINISH: any book I ever pick up, ususally in the same day if it's really good.

I TAG: anyone who likes to be touched..there.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, i can't say i wasn't warned

Ok, well... I did get a little hotheaded in my last few posts. I'm under a lot of stress. Adjusting to a new city, homesick, new job, and the never ending search for an afforable apartment in San Francisco is getting to me.. I don't like childish attacks, and I reacted in type...

never thinking that Best Gay Blogs would pick up the excerpt and run with it.

Now why couldn't I have been Hottie of the Day?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Put on your Big Girl Panties...

...and deal with it.

You know, I knew I was opening a can of worms when I even said the word "racism". I opened that Pandora's Box on my blog, and now I'm shutting it.

To everyone who "slammed" me on being a stupid redneck rascist. I don't care what your opinons are. To this guy who left pretty rude comments on previous posts...really...I could care less what you think. (Ironically, I was supposed to be at the Lone Star yesterday and you could've said them to my face- I would've laughed at you.) I find your rantings childish and immature, and please refrain from using my blog to attack other ScottK. You have your own, VERY opininated blogs on which you can write whatever you want. I only published your comments so others could see what you wrote, and how you simply just embarress yourself.

Note to everyone reading, if wish to respond to this guy, please do so on His Blog . I won't waste any of my readers time with him anymore.

Oh, and just one last thing ... nice slam on calling me out on not using spell check...ouch..really...that hurt. I'm crying as we speak...

Ok. So that's enough of that unpleasntness.

I'm very excited as one of my best friends from growing up is here this week. I hope we get to spend time together as I haven't seen him in a few years. Also, the apartment hunt continues..with little success...but I have hope.

I hope all my friends reading this back home send me good thoughts, I'm kinda homesick now.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lets definie racism

Racism is putting on white sheets and dragging people through the middle of town.

Racism is a group of boys pulling up in a truck in front of the gay bar and shooting into the windows and then driving off yelling "Die Faggots"

Racism is denying you entry to a country club becuase the founders belive you killed Christ.

Racism is also giving you entry to same club becuase they need a token.

Racism is giving you a scholarship or job BECAUSE of the color of your skin and not your qualifications.

Don't fucking preach to me about racism. I grew up as a GAY Man in TEXAS with BLACK friends close enough to be my family. So if I want to tell it like it is when I see things for what they are, you can take your out of reailty uber-liberal mouth and just shut it.

When I first visted San Francisco, there was a protest out side of the most popular gay bar. The protesters were saying the gay bar owner was racisit and wouldn't allow blacks and asians into the bar. GAY MEN were protesting THE GAY BAR. This was the most ridiculous, out of touch thing I've ever seen. In fact, the owner was NOT racist, the bar does allow people of every race and color in there, and to work there. AND the owner did own another bar, which was the "black" gay bar and from what I hear if you were white and when in there you had better watch your back.

People get all rilled and worked up over nothing. You want to solve real racial problems and create equality? Stop bitching about a silly entry on my blog and start bitching about this Administration. Write everyone in the government about the disaster of Katrina, about how San Francisco isn't even close to being prepared for a disaster of that magnitude, and about how they are usuing immigration as this years hot button, just like they used gay marriage last time, to make people forget the real problems around them.

And, if your still going to be all huffy and put off over what I say. I have a real solution for you.

Simply stop reading my blog. It's called Free Speach motherfuckers. If you haven't noticied, it's the real thing the governments trying to shut down in this administration.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm here I'm here!!!!

Ok! I swear SF didn't eat me. I'm apartment hunting and working my ass off! Seriously, my cute little butt is wasting away.

My honeymoon with the city is definitely over, and I'm starting to see some of the major problems of San Francisco.

1. The housing costs are RIDICULOUS! It is also close to impossible to have anyone actually show you an apartment. Plus, everything I've looked at is weird because all the apartments here are really chopped up houses. No closets in the bedrooms, but 3 in the hallway; Oh, this lovely bedroom has a built in china cabinet; This lovely 2 bedroom 600 sq ft apartment is perfect for "close" roommates - yeah because it's 2 small rooms and a kitchen!

2. Homeless people here suck. They puke, piss and poop everywhere, sometimes simultaneously. I've taken to carrying around a big can of Lysol (Linen fresh) in my bag with me everywhere I go. Homeless people are held together by germs and grit, so if when they come close I just give them a spray and they run off. It's like holy water to great.

3. Pigeons here are just as bad. These are not the cute pigeons we had running around the Univ of Texas. These are jacked up, bird flu and SARS carrying, crack addict pigeons. Seriously, some of them are really messed up, like 2 eyes on one side of the head, missing legs, bald, etc. And they are just as bad as the homeless people about shitting on you.

4. People here whine to much. They whine whine whine but never change what they are whining about. I'm much more of a do-er ...and I'm doing it.

5. Chinese women on the bus ...suck my ass. I have to wade through you every morning, and every day on the way home. MOVE YOUR STANKY ASSES! PLEASE! Little Chinese women have one be the 1st person on the bus, and to stand in the front. There can be enough room in the back of the bus to haul a grand piano, but they will ALL crowd to the front. The only problem with this have to shove your way through to get to the back, and get their SARS all over you. I think my Lysol my come in handy here too.

All in all I still love the city. I'm looking forward to finally getting a place (maybe today) and settling in. I'll definitely write more then.



Monday, April 10, 2006

Somebody send me some bean dip and fritos!! STAT!

Ok. I really miss Texas food. The sushi and dim sum here is good, but the rest is CRAP. I mean CRAP. Everyone here slathers their food with A-1 or Ketchup, and you know why, becuase it tastes like CRAP other wise.

Not having a kitchen sucks. The very minute I move in to an apartment, I'm going to unpack my cast iron skillet and fry up some okra, chicken, squash, green tomatoes and whatever isn't nailed down. Then i'm going to make some brown gravy and eat it all up. Then I'm going to make the biggest pan of enchilades with chili con carne you've ever seen and make a vat of good ol' queso and dive in. I'll be in a food coma for a week, but I'll be happier than a pig in mud.

What has prompted this little rant? Last night I went to a diner and saw they had "Chicken fried steak and eggs" on the menu. I almost cried. I ordered it and waited and waited and waited with the anticipation of prisoner waiting his last meal. I could taste the salty breading, the tender meat, the grease that my body is craving. I could taste Home.

When the waiter sat my platter down in front of me I stared in disbelief. Every fiber in my being said "Get up, go to the airport and fly home. You don't belong here."

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is a chicken fried steak (with cream gravy). This is home to me.

What I was served had no breading, no seasoning and no resemblence to the picture above. It was a New York Strip that had been pan fried until it was shoe leather.

Yes, I know. I thought that too.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yes, i'm still here

Ok, due to time constraints, a crazy work load, and internet outages in my crack-house, I haven't been able to post much. I really am sorry for that. So, just so you know...

I am having a blast and I really love it here.

I've been meeting great new and sexy Moby , who also grew up in Texas. I also ran into an old friend from college, and we've been tearing up the town.

My status at the crack-house is moving up. I now have a chair in my room, though it's just one more thing to climb over on my way to the bathroom. And, they took away the blood-stained bedspread and bought me a new match the sheets that I bought for my bed. They also kicked out the crack head down the hall when he lit his mattress on fire, so I feel a little safer now.

In the past week I've been to a Giants Game, discovered a new Dim Sum place, and got my offical MUNI pass, which is the most important thing you can ever own in San Francisco. MUNI is the public transportation system here. So with my MUNI pass, I can ride the subway, streetcar, cable car, & buses for free! It's awesome. Though, you have to have it with you at all times. I've seen the MUNI police kick two people off the train for not having a pass.

Lee Lu Dallas...MUL-TI-PASS

I've also experienced the best thing San Francisco has to offer....


Invented in 1928, It's a scoop of ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and dipping in dark chocolate. I had one with mint ice fav.. Seriously, i'm in heaven. I got it all over my face.

So work is great. Life is great. I'm meeting hot guys, and making cool friends. So for all my readers...hugs.. I hope that you are all happy and having a great time in your life.

Too all my friends back home... I really do miss you all. Come see me.



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh, the Paparazzi

I love it.

My interview at Best Gay Blogs

Thanks Y'all ;)

You may want to check this out as well.. the 2nd entry was my weekend. Smaller'n Selma